Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's very overcast today. I came home a bit early from work...wish I could sit and stitch, but unfortunately I have to go to the dentist. Not my favorite place to be!
I did manage to get some stitching done this weekend though. I finished "Christmas Wish" by Sisters & Best Friends. It is stitched on a sparkly piece of fabric I had from Silkweavers, but that doesn't show up in the picture. It's really pretty though. I also stitched another one of the Prairie Birds for my wreath. This one is called "Bluebirds". I think I will stitch one more, and then I will have eight pieces for the wreath. I am still unsure about finishing them...little pillows with fabric backing or little fringed pillows with linen backing...hopefully I will have decided by the time the eighth bird is done!
The third picture is the Country Cottage Needleworks ornie from the 2006 JCS ornie issue. It's called "Winter's Eve".
I love the soft colors that Nikki uses in her designs. Finally, I was also able to get a bit more stitched on "Quaker Row" by Midnight Stitching. It's almost half-way finished I think.
Guess I can't put off the dentist any longer.....

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