Saturday, May 7, 2016

this month's TUSAL

Froggy couldn't wait to share his basket of orts on this bright, sunny day! Lots of pretty colors in there this month.

Until next month...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

update for april

April turned out to be a pretty good month for stitching. We had lots of lazy days...some beautiful weather and time to relax. My hands still hurt from time to time, but I just have to be careful to take more breaks than I am used to taking (since I'm used to taking none, even one or two seem to help!)

I finished the stitching on two ornaments. This one was mostly stitched in March, but since I always seem to wait until the end of the month to do my ornament, it didn't get finished until the beginning of April. It is Merry Christmas, designed by From the Heart for the Just Cross Stitch 2015 Ornament issue, stitched on a beige evenweave with Gentle Arts threads.

My April ornament is from La-D-Da. It was in the Just Cross Stitch ornament preview issue from 2010, and is called 'Tis Green. I stitched it on an off white evenweave with one of Nina's Silks. The color of the floss is Fairy Kingdom, and I love it. These silks are such a joy to stitch with as well!

I stitched on my Lizzie Kate (ABCs of Aging Artfully) three out of four of the Fridays in April. The top photo shows where I was, and the bottom is where I am right now. The top shows the color of the fabric better. Sorry for the wrinkles and hoop marks in the update. I'm getting to the finish line though. Maybe a few more weeks of stitching...we'll see!

My mitten this month is called Alphabet Mitten, stitched on a beige evenweave with DMC threads. I loved all the different colors in this one.

The last piece I finished was stitched in memory of s wonderful stitcher, Sue Drury,  who passed away in February. It is Seaside Retreat from Blackbird Designs, stitched on a piece of Picture This Plus lugana in pewter with a pretty blue threadworx floss that was gifted to me by a fellow stitcher. I personalized it with both our initials and the years of Sue's life. She was in my thoughts throughout the stitching, and I will always remember her whenever I look at this piece.

Anyway, I guess that all for now. Hopefully I'll have some more finishes to show next time. Until then, thanks for taking the time to visit! Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

enchanting exchanges

There is a wonderful exchange that Stephanie hosts twice a year at her blog, The Enchanting Rose.
Participants can choose to exchange mugs or tea cups, or participate in both. Last time, I chose to exchange a mug, but this time, I decided to do both.

Margaret, from Texas, sent me a delicate teacup and saucer, along with some wonderful teas, and a lovely cross-stitched tea towel. When I get home from work in the late afternoon, I take my doggies for a walk and then come home to a lovely cup of tea in this beautiful cup.

Debby, from Ohio, sent me a lovely mug in the prettiest spring color, along with some chai tea (one of my favorites) and honey to go along with it. Sorry the photo is so unclear! This is the perfect mug to enjoy my morning tea in.

Thanks again to Margaret and Debbie, and also to Stephanie for hosting such a wonderful exchange!


Thursday, April 14, 2016


I've had this photo for days now, but just haven't been around to post it!
Here's my sweet froggy friend with this month's collection...

See you next time!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

hard to stitch

It's hard to stitch when you're dizzy! I started having dizzy spells in February. There were lots of tests and things ruled out, and things went back to normal ( normal!) I've been really tired and didn't have much energy to do much, but there's also been lots going on so I didn't think too much about it.  And then last week, I woke up and was too dizzy to even get out of bed. That was scary! I went to the doctor and this time was diagnosed with vertigo. I had this once before many years ago, and I can tell is not fun. And the meds that are prescribed make me really sleepy. It's like a lose-lose situation! And my stitching has suffered...because along with the dizziness and sleepiness, my hands have started to ache around the thumb joints. It's not constant, but after holding a book or hoop for awhile it starts to hurt. So I have to take more breaks than I'd like to...and things are going slower than usual. But I'm still able to stitch, so I really don't want to complain. It's just an annoyance at this point.

My goals for March proved to be a little too ambitious! I did finish another mitten from Cross-Eyed Cricket. It's called There's A Nip in the Air and it's one of my favorites. We have squirrels that come to visit and eat our bird food on a regular basis and I love acorns...

The designer for our March block exchange with Stitchers Timeout was Hands on Design. I found a cute design on Cathy's blog and stitched part of it for my block.

The Friendly Stitchers groups is working on finishing up some of our WIPs, and this month I finally finished Ornamental Pumpkin from Turquoise Graphics and Designs. I started this in January of 2015 as part of Debbie's Challenge. I love this design. The swirly bits are such fun!

This next design is from StitchersAnon and is one of her collection of Holmsey Hare designs. It was started as a sort of SAL on her Holmsy Hare's Hop facebook group. The pattern traveled around to different stitchers. Unfortunately, I had it for way too long...and when I finally got to stitching it, it went so quickly...I felt really bad. Anyway, I think that the pattern is now available for purchase. It really was fun to stitch.

Finally, I want to share my wonderful, exchange gift from Mouse. The Friendly Stitchers group had a Stitchers Day exchange and this is the lovely stitching bag that I received. I love the design and the fall colors that are my favorites. And it is perfect for taking a small project in the car or to work. Thanks again, Mouse!

I guess that is enough for now! Thanks everyone for taking the time to visit!
hugs and happy stitching to you all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

it's TUSAL time again!

The New Moon means its time to post our totally useless SAL photos. It looks like I've done quite a bit of stitching this month!

Froggy loves to show off the orts basket!

'till next month, happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

end-of-month check-in for february

This turned out to be a pretty productive month...I managed to stitch almost every day, at least a little bit!

One goal was to stitch another mitten from Cross-Eyed Cricket Collection. This month I chose to stitch a mitten called Patches. I love the colors in this one.

I also stitched another ornament  this month. Robin was kind enough to let me know that the companion to the mitten I stitched last month could be found in the 2015 Just Cross Stitch ornament preview edition. This is called Truly Endless Knot I and is by Ink Circles. I used the same fabric and threads as its companion piece. I love these designs!

My goal was to stitch on this Lizzie Kate design every Friday. but I only managed 2 out of the 4 Fridays in February. This is where I am now...

The WIP I was working on in February was from Silver Creek Samplers...Stitching Feeds My Heart .
I finished it, and you can see it here.

And lastly, I had hoped to start (and finish) Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs. I did get it started, but the frog came to visit and I ended up stitching one section three times before I got it right! So it is not finished yet, but this is where I am now...

Maybe it will be finished this month!

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Until next time, happy stitching!