Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 - i need to stitch! & some giveaways

Whatever made me think that life was going to slow down after vacation? We had a wonderfully relaxing week off and returned to chaos at our jobs. Summer Reading sign-up started the day I got back so I have been pretty much tied to the children's desk every day. It is also nearing the end of our fiscal year which means I have to spend all the remaining money or we lose it. Can't let that happen! So I have been going home really tired every day...and no stitching for me.
I thought that I would be able to relax this weekend but after getting all the housework, etc done on Saturday hubby and I decided to go out to dinner and on the way we stopped by a furniture store that was going out of business. We have been wanting to buy a sofa bed for the extra room (which also happens to be where I keep all my stitching stuff) for some time and they had a perfect one...which we bought. The only problem was that in order for the kind men to deliver it today I had to clear some space in my room. There went my relaxing weekend! I spent the rest of Saturday night and nearly all day Sunday trying to make sense out of the space and moving furniture around. I finally fell into a bath full of bubbles around 7:30 and fell asleep soon after!
I really do feel good about accomplishing at least part of the clean-up...there is still a lot of sorting through to do. I have tons of patterns that I would really like to get into plastic sleeves and binders. I was able to move most of my magazines and some other stuff into a different closet too. It's just such an overwhelming project...I really need to just be locked in there for about a week...then maybe I could make a dent! I think I see some major de-stashing in my future!
I'm writing this at work, so there will be no photos in this post, but I do have some things to share and I will try to get them posted later tonight or tomorrow. I did make some progress on "Mildred's Sampler" and "Beatrix Potter Quaker" and I also have a couple of exchanges to share.

And before I forget...check out these blogs...Karen, Melissa and Kathy are all having some great giveaways!

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  1. I've reached the conclusion that life doesn't slow down. It just keeps getting busier and busier! Glad you got part of your clean up done. I'm doing the same thing with my craft room. It's a big project and I hope to have it finished sometime in the next 3 months! Good luck with you organization!

  2. If you find a way to get life to slow down, let me know! Sounds like you got alot done and I will be anxious to see the new couch!

  3. I am confused, you mean you don't just shut the door and pretend that messy room no-longer exists. Congratulations on finding the perfect sofa bed, what luck!

  4. Just take it one day at a time. I spent the better part of 4 days when I moved organizing binders and putting stuff away. It's not fun at all. Just do a little, and when you're tired of it, go away for a little bit and then come back later.

  5. My Great-grandson's name is Asher. He is 4 months old.He lives in Montana, and his mom, my granddaughter, Jemma does library work for the state of Montana.

  6. Eventually, life will go back to normal. Sadly, that usually happens in the winter, when all the nice weather is gone! lol

    Congratulations on your new sofa find!


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