Tuesday, May 18, 2010

may 18 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 18
outside my window...it looks like rain is coming
i am hearing...the ticking of the clock
i am wearing...a sweater in spring
in the kitchen...the coffee is brewing
i am thankful...that i got to sleep in this morning, on a workday!
i am looking forward to...interviews this morning & meetings this afternoon
i am grateful...that someone has offered to take our discarded books
i am reading...9th Judgement
plans for the week...getting rid of even more accumulated junk from my office
a photo to share...our library's new (old) home...it looks bigger in the photo!

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  1. Lynda, Your library shares several similarities with ours. Is it a Carnegie? Have you just moved into this building?

  2. How wonderful to be a librarian surrounded by all those lovely books just vying for your attention. Like your new (old) home. So inviting. Nola

  3. Nola just said it - your library looks so inviting. It must be a pleasure to go there and look for books, and also to work there.

  4. Love that new old building Lynda! I can just imagine stepping into the doors and, taking a deep breath and browsing. It is so charming! You must be excited even with all the work to get there?
    hugs, babs

  5. What a neat looking library! I never saw one that looked as good as that!

  6. What a beautiful library! I think all libraries should be brick.

  7. I love your library. My best friend from 4th grade is a librarian in the small community of Collinsville, OK. Her little library is pretty also and they have just done some remodeling.


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