Wednesday, August 4, 2010

august 4 - getting back to "normal"

We're finally getting settled in at the new/old library. It's such a beautiful building, but just so small. We only have about 20% of our collection here...the rest is all in storage until the next move. It breaks my heart! We do have Wi-Fi though which is why I can be posting this now!

So many of our patrons have such wonderful memories of the last time the library was housed here in the Carnegie. We've got some wonderful old photos that we had framed and will be putting up soon. We're hoping to do some kind of historical project so people can share their memories.

It just feels like I am busier than ever, but that's ok.

We have a vacation week coming up toward the end of the month, and we're looking forward to that. We were going to take a road trip but my husband has a broken rib, so I think we'll stick closer to home this time. We can just relax and maybe take a couple of day trips to the coast instead. Maybe even get some stitching done!

I'm thinking again (always a dangerous thing!) about starting a rotation for my projects (again). Since we've moved the library, I go in to work later (8:30 instead of 6 am)...which means I can stay up later, assuming I don't fall asleep on the couch! So I should be able to get at least a few stitches in every day (at least in theory!)

I'm wondering how many of you have some kind of rotation -- or plan -- for your stitching time. It seems like I'm always making lists of what I want to do when, but then something usually comes up and the best laid plans & all that.....So I'm thinking, maybe work on one project for each day of the's not like I don't have enough different projects to choose from!

Must think on this one....

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  1. Hi Lynda! and so glad things are getting a little bit back to normal for you. Would love to see some pictures of your library when you're done :) and the rotation sounds good...just pick up the needle!
    hugs & do hope you get some restful days soon.

  2. I know you must be looking forward to the final move of the library. Sorry to hear about your DH's rib - ouch- but a couple of day trips to te coast sound wonderful.

    I do not stitch on a rotation. It has just never worked for me. I'm a one project at a time girl for the most part. I did do a work project for a couple of years but work is so busy I hardly ever get to take a lunch now so I've quit doing that. Hope you find something that works for you.

  3. I don't plan anything! I just pick up and work on whatever I feel like. I don't have much in progress with stitching but lots of quilting projects and a few knitting projects. I enjoy the process so much (though it IS nice to finish something now and then).

    I'd love to see pics of the inside of your library. I remember the picture you posted of the outside some time ago. It's a beautiful building and I hope the inside is just as gorgeous!

  4. I had just posted on my blog that I was going to try a rotation method myself. I am working on Lizzie*Kate's Boo Club series which I am making into a long single wall hanging. I have decided to complete one chart, which I hope will not take much more than a week, and then work on a bigger project - Raise the Roof's Santa Clothes for a week. I can't say yet how it is working, but I am enjoying working on Santa Clothes this week. Good luck with whatever you decide.
    At one time I was in college studying to be a librarian, but somehow I ended up an accountant. I still love libraries, and the old ones seem almost sacred.

  5. Rotations are a nice way to accomplish a great deal of stitching. I tend to be up at o'dark hundred hours every morning and after making lunch for my Leroy, I simply pick up my stitching and usually have about 2 1/2- 3 hrs in by the time lights in our neighbourhood start lighting up. The life of a truckers wife you Amazing how much you can stitch in the wee small hours. Mother always said,,,"When you wake up, get up...When you get up, do something" So I do. Anyway, it works for me. Maybe you could stitch before you head in to work.
    Hope you find a way to get that stitching time in.
    Be always in stitches.

  6. Good for you that you are done with moving the library. For this time at least, lol.
    Sometimes I have a rotation and sometimes I don't. When I have one it works for a while but then goes astray when I get caught by a special design or project, or when I get startitis, lol.

  7. I would love to see your library. I am one who does make a list, and I generally try to get them done, but slowly. LOL

  8. I sure hope your library will get a permanent home!


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