Friday, June 10, 2011

june 10 - technology troubles and a traveling pattern

First, I must apologize to anyone who was waiting on the fate of the traveling pattern Count Your Blessings.

We had a great weekend in Seattle.The U2 concert was more than amazing. There must have been over 100 trucks for all the light equipment and special effects stuff. And the Mariners game was fun too...I love games where the scores go back and forth and this one was like that and we came out on top which was great. We took Jeff's sports car and had the top down the whole time because the weather was so least until we reached our exit coming home. That's when the skies opened up and we had to scoot over to the side of the road and get that top up in a hurry! It turned into a really nasty storm with thunder and lightning even, which is pretty rare for this area.

Anyway, something happened to my computer and it was out of commission. Then my cell phone got wet and wouldn't work. Jeff took the laptop to Minnesota for the week, and even my computer at work bit the dust (not that I would have had much extra time there anyway). So now it is Friday...the home computer is back up and running (yeah!), I got a new phone (which I actually like better than my old one - which wasn't even that old - I just have to learn how to post to blogger from it), Jeff is glad he has the laptop, and my computer at work is still toast (but I won't need that until at least Monday so I'm not worried!).So that's the long story of why I haven't posted yet this week. Now all I have to do is find the camera...hmmm...maybe Jeff took that too! He'll be home Sunday night, so I can post pictures then!

So...drumroll...the lucky stitcher who gets to stitch Count Your Blessings next is....natalyK! I'll email you, but if you see this first, please send me your address and I will get the pattern in the mail to you right away. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Keep your eyes on Nataly's blog for the next chance to stitch this great design.

I have dog duty this week, and my babies look like they are ready for a walk, so I had better get moving!
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  1. Maybe no pictures but two posts in two days, excellent! Glad you had a good time despite the electronic disasters!

  2. Maybe the lightening took out your computer? Anyway glad its fixed now.
    Congratulations to Nataly

  3. ooo sounds like you had a good time at the game but not with the computers etc ... congrats to Nataly too :) love mouse xxx

  4. Sounds like the electronics were conspiring against you this week! Glad you had a good time at the game and concert! Congrats to Nataly!

  5. glad you're back on, Lynda, and congrats to Nataly. I'll keep my eyes open :)

  6. YAY! I can't wait to stitch this one up! I sent an email with info. Thanks.

  7. Hope your technical problems are ironed out soon.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. congratulations to nataly K...
    lots of love from south africa x

  9. Hi, I just found your blog and so enjoyed visiting! blessings,Kathleen


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