Tuesday, August 9, 2011

august 9 - the lost art of letter writing & an exchange

I love writing and receiving "real" letters in the mail. E-mail is great, but there is nothing like having a handwritten (or typed) letter waiting for you in the mailbox. At least, I don't think so!
So...I was so happy when Parsley posted on her blog looking for people who would be interested in having a pen pal. Sign me up! This is also interesting because we are all secret pen pals...we won't reveal our identities until December. Doesn't that sound like fun? I received my first letter last week, and also sent a letter off to my partner. I'm not sure if I can keep the secret for that long, but I'll try!

There is also a yahoo group dedicated to writing real letters, and I am a member there too. This is not a secret pen pal, and there are about 25-30 of us in the group, I think. We don't all necessarily write to every other person, but I do try to keep in touch with as many as I can. We are all stitchers, and one of the other common threads running through the group is that many of us are avid readers. So when the idea of an exchange came up, we all thought a bookmark exchange would be a great place to start.

This is a photo of the bookmark that I received from my partner. Lisa stitched parts of a Victoria's Sampler design, and it is so pretty in person. I love lilacs, and the colors are perfect. She also included a wonderful lighthouse bookmark kit, so I have another bookmark to stitch (and I love lighthouses, so this was a perfect choice!)

This photo shows the bookmark I stitched for Lisa. I adapted Plumberry Sampler from Bent Creek for her piece. I haven't stitched a bookmark in a long time and this was fun to do. I also sent along a mystery book that I thought she might enjoy.

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  1. I'm so excited about the pen pal exchange! Glad you are having fun too.

    Lovely stiched bookmarks.

  2. I think that is pretty cool to have found a group of letter writers like that. I am not one, but appreciate those who are. Love the bookmarks too!

  3. wow..both of the bookmarks are so sweet..i am a bookworm too and i collect bookmark too..they both are really darlings:) xx

  4. Love the bookmarks!! And the writing/pen pal groups sound wonderful...letter writing really is a dying art!

    Happy Stitchin'

  5. Brilliant... I'm going clicking now. :) Thanks.

    Lovely bookmarks too :)

  6. I love getting letters too, I have a feeling that our descendants won't know our handwriting. Must have missed Parsley's post and love the idea of that yahoo group.
    I love Maryhill wine too though never been to the winery!

  7. I am part of Parsley's Pen Pal exchange too!! It is sooo awesome!! I enjoy writing the letters so much! In fact, I have always liked writing and always do. This exchange is just an excuse to write some more.

    Thanks for passing by my blog earlier. I put your blog on my blogroll.

    I really appreciate the help you have given me to reach my blogging goal.

    Positive stitches!

  8. I also used to exchange letters with lots of pen pals and I was enjoying it so much. But somehow I abandoned that hobby many years ago. Maybe I'll take it up again, when I'll be retired in two years. It's reat to read that you are having so much fun with it.
    I love your bookmarks, they are so pretty.

  9. Letter writing and the written word are quickly becoming a lost art! I used to write so many letters now its either an e-mail, a text or a Facebook post! Gosh! I do at least make the effort to use real words and proper language, no short forms for this girl... well not often.

    What a lovely bookmark you made, I like the adaptation.

  10. Thankyou for the lovly comment on my blog giveaway, I have entered you into the draw!

    Love the bookmarks!

    Lynn B

  11. Lynda, you are so right about writing letters; it has become a 'dying art', as I would say. I had several penpals when I was a young girl; specifically in England. I still have those letters...LOL....

    Your bookmarks are gorgeous!!!! We are going to do a bookmark/book exchange soon again in ESC. This may be one you are interested in; we have lots of gals who love to read, including me...LOL

    Loved looking at your blog.

    Sue, ESC


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