Thursday, April 26, 2012

april 26 - camera found!

It seems as though my sweet adorable grandson loves to hide things from me...he thinks it is so much fun! I found my camera pouch nestled in with all of his little trains!
So let's see if I can figure out how to do this in the new blogger view.... 

This is a photo of my progress on Dawn of Spring... the lovely sampler that Mouse is designing for us over at Friendly Stitchers. I have discovered that specialty stitches and I do not play well together...I am having the worse time with the spider roses that are supposed to go in the insides of that row of diamonds. So for now, they are empty. I'm not sure what I will put in there, but it will be something!

I've also signed on to do four round robins over the next several months, and this is the first one that will be going on its way sometime next week. The design is Cottage Pinkeep Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs. It is stitched using Anchor threads (and one DMC!) on a piece of linen called "fairy dust". There are only three of us in this group, so I have done the border and the middle square.

So. I uploaded three photos this morning  and I have already lost one...not sure how!! And I guess I have to do all the "writing" part of my post first and then insert the photos because when I try to add words below a photo I can't get anything to move! I'm sure I am doing something wrong (surprise surprise!) but I am at work and don't have time to play with it now! If anyone has any helpful hints, I hope you will share!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


  1. Lovely stitching progress. Nice colors on your Dawn of Spring sampler. I also need to tackle the spider thingies one of these days, looking really forward to that:-) It's sometimes kind of a problem with the upload of the pictures I have encountered to. I try now to write the post first and add the photo's and text tot them later. Thus far it worked...

  2. Dawn of Spring is turning out so beautifully!
    Oh my gosh..FOUR round robins! busy busy busy!

    Usually when I add a photo, if I click on it, there is a pop up where I can click on "add caption"

  3. Wonderful stitching, Lynda! Wish I could help you with the placement/caption thing. I'm always surprised when I get a post to work the way I want it to.

  4. "Dawn of Spring" is just lovely! New stitches are always a challenge for me. Speaking of challenges, the new format for blogger is giving me some trouble also.

  5. Your dawn of spring is lovely. I haven't tried posting since the interface changes so I can't offer any suggestions I'm afraid

  6. Your stitching is looking so pretty! The changes Blogger has made seem to be causing everyone trouble. I always wish I had some helpful advice, but I'm afraid I seem to just stumble through somehow. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  7. D.O.S. is lovely! You sure can stitch. I could not handle the simplest of specialty stitches.


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