Sunday, April 26, 2015

stitch from stash - april

Month: April
Spent: $26.97
Earned: $16.00

Well, I did spend a little more than I planned on this month. I wanted to get a remembrance design for our Boonie, and then I ordered a pattern by mistake (I think I'll just have a giveaway for that one!). The rest was for some threads that I needed. I tried substituting some that I had, but they just didn't work.

I did get some stitching done...both from my stash and from stash that is not old enough to qualify yet. The pieces I finished that count for this month:

A Lizzie Kate freebie that I have had forever, Friendship Grows. This is for our STO block exchange.

This next is another freebie from 2010 by Plum Street Samplers. It is called Be True.

The last is not a finished piece, but I did finish page one. It is Autumn Quaker Seasons from ByGone Stitches.

So that is it for this month. How did everyone else do?


  1. Lovely stitching, Lynda. It looks like you are still ahead on your tally for Stitch from Stash - so well done!

  2. Way to go, Lynda! Which remembrance design did you get for Boonie? You are making good progress on the Autumn Quaker piece.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Love your autumn sampler
    I spent more but still need to report it
    Esmeralda from holland

  4. Very lovely, the two freebies. I have both in my stash and seing them all stitched up here makes me want to stitch them too. Very nice progress on your WIP. And well done this month with the SFS challenge.

  5. I remember those two freebies very well. I have stitched and given away.
    Your Autumn Sampler looks good.

  6. I love all three pieces you finished. Well done this month. Sometimes it is hard not to spend a bit on stash.


  7. I just love your Blog Layout...this is so neat and so inspiring. Love your Finishes...they are so beautiful....

    Happy Stitching :)

  8. Lovely stitching. I was recently gifted the Friendship Frosty design which had been made into a beautiful pinkeep. It's lovely as is all your stitching.

  9. I just love Friendship Grows! And Autumn looks great, love the color floss you used; seems perfect for it.

  10. Well done! Lovely stitching!

  11. Great stitching. I did the Be True piece for a challenge a while back.
    I am laughing at you "accidentally" buying a chart!

  12. Lovely stitching Lynda,. Well done on your SFS.

  13. That Friendship one is awesome! So summery!


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