Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy September!

It's hard to believe that it's already September! This year is just flying by. I don't know if time seems to go faster because we've been so busy, or if it is just that I'm getting older...but whatever the reason, I wish things would slow down, just a bit!

Our summer was unseasonably hot, and we are still having warmer than normal temperatures. And there was no rain all summer! Very unusual for the Pacific Northwest! But this past weekend, Mother Nature hit us with a vengeance...rain and wind, and even lightning and thunder, which we don't often see. It didn't last long, but it will be interesting to see what fall and winter bring in terms of our weather.

I know that I have really been neglecting my blog lately. I think about posting a lot, but it's kind of like reading diet books and thinking that you'll lose weight just by reading them! So I am starting this post (it's September 2, in the morning) and we'll see how long it takes before I actually get something posted!

I haven't been stitching anywhere near as much as I would have liked. Our building expansion project is finally under way (we had the groundbreaking on August 8) and it seems like there is always something to do or a meeting to attend. By the time I get home I am so tired that I usually fall asleep in hubby's recliner!

We do have a new round robin starting this month with the Friendly Stitchers group, so that has got me motivated a little! I decided on a design from Blue Ribbon Designs...A Sampling in the Square. I stitched all the borders, and lettering, so I actually feel like I have accomplished something! This group always chooses such lovely designs...I'm looking forward to the new round.

I thought you might like to see a few little goodies that I have bought over the past few months.

The candles are  from Where Sisters Gather. Jennifer is Beth Twist's (Heartstring Samplery) sister. I love these! They are battery operated and look so pretty when lit up, especially now that the evenings are getting darker. The little crocheted basket is from Nikyscreations and is just perfect to stash my scissors and needle threader when I am stitching.

This pretty little pincushion was purchased from Elegant Stitch, as part of their fundraising effort for breast cancer research.

Two threadkeeps: the one on the left is also from Elegant Stitch, and the one on the right came from Monique at The Primitive Jewel.

Two needleminders: the one on the left is also from Monique. The one on the right was purchased from pinoystitch (an etsy shop). She offers all kinds of needleminders with books, and since The Little Prince is my favorite, I couldn't resist this one!

So, I think I started this post on the 2nd of September. It is now September 11. My laptop was giving me loads of trouble...the dreaded Windows 10 critical error, and I couldn't upload any photos, or actually even do anything at all. It's working as of this morning (yay!), but in the meantime, I ordered a camera connection kit for my iPad and loaded the photos that way. Sorry that they are so large. I haven't quite figured out the editing part! (Apparently a couple of these are two large for my post. If you click on the photo you can see the whole picture! - I'll try to edit these when I get home!)

I am very glad that it is Friday. I mentioned that we have started our library expansion project and the last two days have been nothing but jackhammering...all day! It also just happens to be on the same level as my workspace, so it has been very loud! 

I did do a little bit of Halloween stitching this past week, but I will wait and show that stuff next time.
For now, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!


  1. Super post, Lynda! What fun new goodies you have received! I love the piece you selected for you next RR. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I love those candles and everything else! Looking forward, as always, to stitching on your RR, glad it arrived in England safely!

  3. I love your choice for the rr. Gorgeous. Lovely stash as well xx

  4. This RR that you prepared will be gorgeous. I have seen the design on someone else's blog and it's a great choice for a RR.
    Nice new stash haul.

  5. Hi Lynda! Made me smile just now find your blog and see my candles in your post! :) So glad you're enjoying them. Stay cozy now that our NW temps are starting to drop...Happy November!

  6. I hope the library project goes well and the extension one and all. Your life sounds busy! The RR is nice.


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