Friday, December 4, 2015

ideas for the new year and other stitchy stuff

Stitch from Stash is no more...not that I did very well this year anyway. Last year, I hardly spent anything, this year...well,I spent a lot more! And, even though I know that I have more than I could ever hope to stitch, and even though I have way too many WIPs, I am drooling over lots of new things to buy. Is there any hope left for me? Probably not!

But I do want to have some kind of plan for the new year. I don't think I am going to join the Crazy Challenge this year, but I do hope to finish some of the projects I started over the last few crazy challenges!

I think I might do the same challenge that my LNS (Acorns and Threads) did last year (although I didn't get very far in it last time!) We started a new project for every Saturday in January, and then a new project each first Saturday of each month of the year. So that would be 16 new projects, and since next year is 2016, I though it was kismet! In addition to a January 1st start, that would be at least 17 new projects.

And, I really do want to get through some of my WIPs... I'd also like to get an ornament a month done, a mitten a month, and all the blocks for our Stitchers' Timeout group exchange.
What am I thinking????

It has been so long since I actually updated this blog, that I do have some stitching to show! I finished two more of the Cricket Collection's mittens. The first is called Claddagh Mitten, the second is Ginger Mitten. I really love stitching these...they are so much fun to do.

There is a group over on Facebook called Fans of Blackbird Designs, and we are so fortunate to have access to a lending library of some out of print designs from BBD. The first is Blessings Be Thine (which I believe is being reprinted in a new Christmas book from Blackbird Designs), and the second is called Their Song. I loved stitching both of these, and am currently working on two more!

The last one I would like to share is a design from Carol at iStitch. It is called Stitching Soothes the Soul. I love Carol's designs...they always really relax me when I am stitching them.

I guess I should get back to work...thanks for taking the time to visit today. Hope everyone has a great weekend planned!


  1. Lots of beautiful stitching going on! Congrats on all the finishes. Good luck with your plans next year.

  2. What fabulous finishes you shared! Are the mittens from a leaflet or were they complimentary designs offered on their web site? Best wishes to you on your stitching plans for 2016. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hello Linda,

    The Mittens look awesome! Three Samplers are absolutely wonderful!
    Congrats on such great finishes!
    (I am not your newest follower but it is my first comment)


  4. Sixteen new starts in a year? Whew! I doubt I'd finish anything. Love all your finishes! I particularly love 'Their Song', the colors are scrumptious!

  5. Gorgeous finishes and i especially love your Blackbird designs finishes!
    Happy weekend too!

  6. Look at all you've accomplished! I think all those goals of yours for next year will be pretty easy for you. Although, 16 starts in the year? That is a lot. I'm trying to keep my new starts as small as possible, with the exception of my smalls for the Smalls SAL. But they get finished in the same month, so that keeps my WIPs list under control, more or less...

  7. I love those mittens! I adore those BBD's and you are right Carol's stitches are soothing :) LOVE all your finishes and can't wait to see where your needle guides you in the new year!

  8. I love to read about planning a new stitching year, Lynda. Your plans for 2016 sound great. Like you I won't be joining any Crazy Challenge next year although I'm nearly finished with this year's Debbie's Crazy Challenge - just one project left to finish. But I will start new projects, lots of them, of course, lol. I wish you luck with your plans.

    Stitch from Stash was a great experience and I will continue to stitch from my stash that I know much better now than before SFS. There are still so many great charts that I want to stitch ... but that doesn't mean that I won't buy a new chart every now and then, lol.

    Wow, you have some great finishes to show. I love the mittens and of course the BBD finishes. A lending library would be my downfall :)) But a good idea anyway.

  9. So many wonderful pieces to share! I especially like "Blessings Be Thine" and "Their Song." Nice work.


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