Tuesday, January 19, 2016

some stitchy progress

This was an extra long weekend for me. On Thursday, I fell going up the stairs at work (clumsy!) and I have been sore ever since. No-one ever said I was graceful!

I had to take hubby to the doctor on Friday, so stayed home and managed to get some stitches in on Moon Garden. It's getting there...finally! I wish I could take a decent photo of this piece. Maybe when it is finished!

Was lucky enough to have a sleepover with Asher on Saturday, so we got to have lots of grandma time. Always a joy!

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent watching lots of football and running errands, but I did manage to get some more stitches in on my Autumn Quaker. I can see the finish line on this one. I really love stitching on this piece and will be both sorry and happy to see it finished!

Hmmm...can't seem to get this centered. Oh well...off to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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  1. Great progress on both your pieces. I fell totally down our stairs before Christmas so I can relate on the pain. Ouch. Hope it eases up soon.

  2. Oh, Lynda, I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt--I am so scared of ANY stairs since my husband's fall and subsequent broken neck last May! Hold on tight to that railing :)

    Lovely stitching--the Quaker's colors are beautiful!

  3. So sorry to had a bit of a scare with the stairs! That kind of thing happens to me once in awhile, especially when I get a bit distracted in the middle of the stairs. Hope you're less sore now! Love your projects!

  4. Long weekends are the best for stitching! Sorry about your fall - sounds like something I would do!

  5. I can imagine but plenty more waiting in the wings, I know! Sorry about the fall, hope you are feeling better. Love Moon Garden too, so pretty.

  6. Oh dear so sorry about your fall- big hugs
    Love your stitching so much x

  7. I am sad you fell. I hope you recover soon! One stitch at a time, and the MG is a FO before you know it.


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