Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post. Life has been quite busy around here.
Our library's summer reading program is winding down...only a few more days to go. We had a really successful program this year with lots of children signing up and fun events. But from June through August I don't have much chance to get anything else done besides that, so I'm looking forward to a break!
My daughter and her fiance have been visiting for the past week from Boston. We took them to the airport tonight. The week went by too quickly & I hate that they live so far away, but for now that's the way it is. They will be having their wedding in Boston the first weekend in October, so there has been lots of planning going on. We are all looking forward to a very special day.
I've been getting a little bit of stitching done. I finished "Quaker Floral" which is a design by Midnight Stitching. I really like this design, and have just started a companion piece,"Quaker Row" I have also done a few more blocks for the Stitcher's Timeout group's monthly block exchange. I'm all done through the end of the year. These blocks are fun to stitch. The same group is having a "Think Pink" exchange, and my exchange piece is finished now as well. I stitched the center portion of a design by Knotted Tree called "Pink Ribbon Topiary" and finished it into a needleroll. All of the participants have done such different pieces and I can't wait for the exchange!
I am lucky to still have 2 days off before going back to work so I hope to get some time to just relax and catch up on my stitching. We'll see!
The photos are "Quaker Floral", one of my blocks ("Winter Joy" from this month's JCS issue) and the needleroll. My other stuff is in my cyberstitcher's gallery (link in the sidebar)

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