Friday, September 21, 2007

We've been on vacation all week and have been having a great and relaxing time. Tonight we are having some friends over for dinner, so have been cooking Italian food all morning. It smells yummy!
The other night we went to the Aladdin Theater here in town to see Commander Cody and Leon Russell. The Aladdin is one of my favorite places. It is an old movie theater that has been turned into a concert hall. The old lighting fixtures and details are wonderful. Anyway, Commander Cody put on a great show. Wish I could say the same for Leon Russell...for some reason he had all these weird acoustic things happening and it sounded like a really badly scratched old record. Too bad, because his voice still sounded good...when you could hear it! Anyway, we ended up leaving early...but not before buying a Leon bobblehead! This picture isn't too clear, but it is really cool (and it turns out the guy who sold it to us is also the lead guitar player in the band)

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  1. That stitched sampler in your previous post is awesome too.


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