Sunday, June 29, 2008

the best of times and the worst of times

This whole month has gone by in a blur...we got back from the East coast a week ago. It was a nice, but busy trip. We flew in to Portland, Maine, then drove to Boothbay for a family reunion. it was great to see everyone, and I finally got to meet my niece's 2 children...they are 4 & 6 and both adorable. We stayed there 2 nights,t hen drove to Ellsworth, Maine where we stayed another 2 nights. While there, we took the ferry over to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The boat ride was fun but we only had a very short time in Yarmouth...just about enough to get some lunch...which was delicious! From there we drove to Foxwoods in Connecticut...this is a huge casino...we got there a bit late so they upgraded us to a suite at no extra charge which was really wonderful. We were only there one night and then drove to New Jersey for my nephew's wedding. It was a very nice affair and we got to see people we hadn't seen in over 15 years. We drove to New York the last night to stay with an old friend of ours and then headed to the airport where....our flight was cancelled! This started the hellish portion of the trip. We were flying Jet Blue and they were less than helpful. They offered to get us on the next flight...3 days later. We had our daughter with us, who is 7 months pregnant and we all had to get back home for work and to pick up our puppies. Like I said, they were no help at all and we barely made another flight out at the last minute. They actually had to hold the plane to get our bags on board. To say it was stressful is an understatement...not to mention the extra cost to get home which was no small amount. I'm still not through with Jet Blue...everyone is going to hear from me this time! They cancelled the flight due to "weather', yet somehow all the other airlines were
able to get planes out at the same time...hmmm. Anyway, at least we got home safely...and my daughter even got to ride in business least she could put her feet up!


  1. Wow, I envy you the trip. I haven't been back to Maine in almost 10 yrs! Did you have Lobster Roll for lunch? Lynda I don't think I knew you had lived in Jersey. Wish I knew you then. I sure miss the shore. Sorry you had airline issues! Hope you got it figured out.

  2. Oh man! That must've been a stressful flight. I am happy for your daughter, though. Pregnancy is delicate time.


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