Saturday, October 25, 2008

october 25

The Sampler Girl
Primitive Betty

Primitive Stitching...I had never really been drawn to these before, and now I am addicted! This is greatly in part to joining Tanya's Stacy Nash Groupies. The more I looked at these designs I realized how much I love the simplicity...they just seem to transport me to another place. Last weekend, we had a Hallow's Eve party with the group which was great fun. There were even party favors! These are two that I stitched up so far. One is a design Primitive Betty's design, the other was deisgned by Tanya herself. I still have Stacy's design to stitch up.


  1. WOW they both look great. Wasn't it a terrific party, I'm look forward to the Christmas one.

  2. Those are cute. You did an awesome job on them.

  3. Hey Girl -

    You have changed your blog, I love it. Did you do this yourself?



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