Sunday, February 22, 2009

feb 22

I feel so stupid!!! I spent most of yesterday stitching on a round robin piece, and was almost halfway done with my bit when I noticed late last night that I was 1/2 stitch off. Of course it was the first little motif I stitched which means I have to take out everything I stitched. I couldn't believe it...what a stupid error. If it was my own piece I would just make the adjustment and carry on but since it belongs to someone else and others will also be stitching in the same area I can't do that. I hope Acorns & Threads has some of the right color thread on Tuesday. I think I may just leave it until then. I can't bear to look at it.
So today I will stitch on something else! Not sure what yet. It's a bright sunny day...maybe I'll just start something new.
The photo above shows some stitchy mail I got yesterday. I received my Fair & Square round 11 squares from April yesterday. She stitched a Quaker snowman with a very pretty blue variegated thread. It looks more teal in the photo, but it is actually blue. I love Quaker designs so this was just perfect.
Asher will be here later today and tonight so that is something fun to look forward to. And then the Oscars later tonight.Should be a grand day.
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  1. There must be something in the water..I stitched a motive for a card Rr yesterday, was really pleased with it and then realised it was the one item on the chart the owner had not ticked to do...a Mutley words I can tell you!
    happens to us all hun..hope you have a better stitching day today.

  2. It's maddening. I was down to the last motif on Celtic Banner when I noticed I'd been half a stitch off the whole way thru. I just said what the heck. No one will notice but me.

  3. Definitely a bummer, but I think we've all been there done that. I just frogged an entire motif row in one of my projects and had to put it aside for more than a week before I could try to get it back in...and I said the same thing about me, stupid, stupid, stupid. By Tuesday you'll have it all together again.

  4. oh girl! I know the feeling! A break will do you good:)

    Such a pretty quaker stitch you've received!

  5. Sorry about the frogs! Your little snowman is so cute!

  6. I know the feeling! Every stitch I put in the other night had to be taken out. I was SOOOO mad. I'm banishing the frog from South Texas! LOL

  7. I’m quite the novice, but have really taken a liking to stitching. I started with stamped “kits”, then gradually worked up to counted.
    I’ve been browsing through various blogs, (can’t believe how many are out there) trying to get the feel of this whole stitching world and find tips and various works that I like. I saw some of the pcs that you’re working on, (or WIP's as I have recently learned) and thought I’d comment & ask for advice… if you don’t mind.
    I hate to take any kind of satifaction from your pain, but it was a relief to see that even the most experienced stitchers make these types of mistakes.

    My Cross Stitch Mentor, (she is thinking of setting up a blog, that's how I got into checking some of these out) is telling me it is time for me to graduate from Aida … but I really like Aida.

    So, if you could … please tell me what you all love to stitch on (including brand and count) … and please do let me know why. Thanks!


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