Monday, February 23, 2009

feb 23

Last sign up for my PIF...the post is a few down from here. So far only one person has said they are interested although a few others did post on that post...I wonder if they are interested too...if you are reading htis please let me know! Anyway, I'll draw 2 names tomorrow evening.

The rain is beating down on the roof...our roof here at work is flat and it always sounds like horses running across the roof when it rains! We have no windows so it is hard to tell what the weather is like without walking to the front door...unless you hear the horse's hooves on the roof!

I decided to start the "Alla Turca" SAL yesterday...I needed a fresh start. Didn't get much done before my little guy came over for the evening. Maybe I'll get some stitches in tonight.

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