Saturday, May 16, 2009

may 16 - watching paint dry and other stuff

This has been another busy week, and it looks like another busy one ahead!
Work has been crazy...we finally finished 2 weeks of interviewing for a library assistant position and have settled on 2 candidates (we have 2 openings). Then we had a safety inspection this week, so everything had to be in tip-top shape. I spent one day at home, literally watching paint dry! It was our turn to have the front door painted and since we have the two dogs and 2 cats at home I didn't just want someone to come in and take care of it. Besides I didn't mind having a day off from work! I was feeling kind of sick... a touch of food poisoning I think...anyway. The smell from the paint was awful! I had to have all the windows open for hours and it was cold! Luckily for me I had to spend lots of time in the was the warmest spot in the house!
Anyway, this week, my co-manager is on vacation, and the interviews for our new director are taking place. I will be giving them all individual tours of the library on Thursday. I'm anxious to see who the five final candidates are since I was in on the initial screening process. Should be an interesting day!
I did get a little bit of stitching done...finished "Peacock Heart" - the thread dye lot is a bit different, but it really isn't too visable in person. I also did my bit on a round robin last night. Our group is stitching the Quaker Friendship Sampler. This fabric ophotographs very gray, but it is really a beige color. The thread is Bing Cherry by Crescent Colours. My bit is in the upper right.
Now it's off to do some errands and then home to stitch (I hope!)
Thanks for visiting and hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The sun is shining here so I am one happy camper!


  1. Sounds like a busy week. lovely work, I especially like the peacock in the heart. What sort of fabric is it stitched on?


  2. Maybe since you have hired a couple people things will start setteling down in a couple weeks! You Peacock heart looks beautiful and you are making great progress on your WIP!

  3. Lynda; I am curious, what is your service population for your library? I am Director at a small library in Illinois.

    Great progress on your stitching!

  4. I hope you get great new assistants!
    Beautiful stitching girl! Love the peacock heart!

  5. Your pieces are so beautiful! Great work. Hope this week will be better and not so busy.

  6. Your stitching looks wonderful!

  7. Sounds like you are busy'!!! I love the inter-library loan, without it we'd have zippo in my small community. This is the first time i've seem peacock heart, it's beautiful! If you get a chance can you tell me the designer?


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