Saturday, May 9, 2009

may 9 - saturday update

Beatrix Potter was sorely neglected last month. I only added one motif...the one on the upper right. Hopefully I'll get some more done this month.

Asher is here with us this weekend. I can't believe he is 9 months old already! He is crawling all over and pulling himself up on every possible surface. He hates to sit still. And he is also getting a tooth right in front. He's such a joy!

I didn't get too much stitching done this week, but I did start 2 new projects. This is "Quaker Winter Slumber" by Midnight Stitching. I'm stitching it on a white opalescent cashel using Weeks eggplant for the floss.

This second start is "Mildred's Sampler by Blackbird Designs. I had started it once before but the fabric was too small. Anyway, it is stitched on a silkweavers lugana called "frenzy" with GAST in royal purple.

This last piece is a freebie peacock heart and I don't have the designer's name handy. I started this some time ago and when I went to finish it this week I ran out of the floss I was using. I just got some in the mail yesterday - Vikki Clayton's silk in garnet -so I hope I can finish it this week sometime.

Well, someone is hungry so I have to go. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your stitching is lovely! When you find the designer's name for the freebie peacock, would you please post it? I have a friend that would just love this one! Thanks.
    Asher is adorable!

  2. Ashler is adorable and your wips truly lovely! Happy MOther's Day to you!!

  3. Great picture of Asher. All WIP's are looking wonderful!

  4. One motif is better then none, lol.
    Asher is adorable. They just won't sit still will they?
    The peacock is lookiing great in red
    Take care!!

  5. The Peacock herat is by me and available on my blog:

    Marie W.

  6. He is such a cutie! And your stitching is awesome!


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