Monday, December 14, 2009

dec 16 - some stuff to share part two

I have been very lucky to have received some wonderful ornaments this season.

This first one was stitched by Julie for an exchange with a yahoo group I am in. It is a reindeer design from The Workbasket. I love Quaker designs and this is one I had actually stitched for someone else but never got around to stitching for myself. I love the little bell she attached around his neck!

The next ornament was sent by Andrea. I was lucky enough to win one of her giveaways this season. This design is from Glory Bee and since I collect snowmen it was a perfect choice!

This ornament has been a really popular one. It is a Prairie Schooler design that was featured in the November issue of The Gift of Stitching. I have seen it stitched on many blogs, and this is another one that I stitched and sent off in an exchange too. I love this design and Carol stitched this for me for the current round at the Christmas Ornament Swap blog. She did a beautiful job stitching this and I love her finishing with the pretty little beads all around.

This last ornament was sent by Jinger as a thank you for a pattern I had sent her some time ago. It is a Lizzie Kate design and is so cute.

Thanks again to you all for these lovely ornaments! I have a small tree filled with stitched ornies and these have all been added and look so festive.

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  1. Wonderful finishes, Lynda! Congratulations! ***happy dance***


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