Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31 - Happy New Year!

Well I can't believe another year has flown by! I hope that all my blog readers have a very happy and safe new year's eve and a 2010 that is filled with happiness, health and many blessings...and as much stitching time as you desire!

I haven't decided whether to make too many stitching goals this year...I think my main goal will be to try and stitch every day and to enjoy every stitch I make.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for all your comments. It is always a joy to read them. And thank you too for sharing your blogs with me. I am amazed every day by all your talent and I love reading what you all have to say.
Here's to many more days of sharing and friendship...happy new year!


  1. a very worthy goal because if you don't enjoy it, why are you doing it?

    Happy New Year!

  2. I stopped by today and looked at your blog.
    Happy new Year to you to.

  3. Happy New Year, Lynda. I hope 2010 treats you well!


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