Thursday, February 25, 2010

february 25 - another crazy week

This seems to be the story of my crazy busy week after another. Last week, my sister and niece came to visit from New Jersey for a long weekend. February is not the best month of the year to come to Oregon, but the weather was absolutely perfect the entire time they were here! We drove over to the Coast one day, and up to Mount Hood another day. They got to spend lots of time with Asher too...which was the real reason they were here! We had a great time.

This week we are interviewing for a new City Manager, and I was volunteered to drive one of the candidates around, so that is what I have been doing for the past two days. I don't live in the city in which I work, so I was very proud of myself that I didn't get him lost! Of course I also got to hear all five candidates' speeches numerous times...I think I could probably give one or two of them myself by now! Hopefully, the Commission will make a decision soon and we will have a new manager before the old one leaves at the end of the month.

And today is my baby's birthday...though I guess she's not a baby anymore...she's 28 with a baby of her own! Happy birthday sweetie!

Even though I have been really tired....I stitched this week! Yea for me! The last time I picked up a needle was Super Bowl Sunday...even my hubby was shocked! I had an ornament to stitch for an exchange that was to be mailed on March 1 so I had a real incentive. I'll get it in the mail today, and will share a picture once the recipient receives it. I also started a new round robin for our Quaker Round Robin group. This time we are stitching "Hunt Sampler" by Homespun Samplar. I only made a tiny start so I didn't take a picture but I will this weekend. It just feels so good to be stitching again!

I also received two wonderful exchanges this past week. The first is from Gabi in Germany. We are in a pin pillow exchange that Becky organized and Gabi stitched me this beautiful biscornu.

The second piece I received was from Jill. I was chosen to be a recipient of a PIF from Jill and she sent me this gorgeous pin is the Heart and Home Sampler from Little House Needleworks and the little basket of fruit on the lower corner is all done in beads.

Thank you again to Gabi and Jill for sharing your beautiful stitching with me!

And thanks for visiting!


  1. What lovely gifts - love them both.

  2. Those are both beautiful...lucky girl-you!

  3. Very cute pieces! An excellent mail box week!!

  4. Hi Lynda! So glad the weather was on good behavior for your sister's visit.
    I love your gifts, so cute, both of them. Is that the same Gabi I know or not. Either way tell her and Jill both are beautiful!

  5. Oh Lynda, what beautiful exchange pieces! The stitching and finishing on both of them is simply gorgeous. I really miss Gaby...haven't heard from her in so long. I started a sampler last year called The Hunt, but don't know if it is the sameone. It was rather large all in one color of your choosing, and it was a freebie. Glad you had a great visit with your relatives!

    Hugs, Tami

  6. Lovely exchange pieces! February is not the best month to visit NJ either & the weather certainly isn't perfect. We are getting hammered with lots of snow. I bet your sister and niece are wishing they were still visiting you in Oregon!

  7. Both exchnage pieces are so pretty. And so beautifully finished. Enjoy them and your newly found stitching time.

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  9. Gorgeous stitching! I envy their skills. My embroidery skills are not nearly as good as theirs.


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