Saturday, October 2, 2010

october 2 - saturday - short & sweet

Today was a beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest...temps a little cooler, humidity gone, leaves starting to was so quiet early this morning when I was out with the dogs. Quiet, crisp and beautiful!

Hubby is home, safe & sound. I got to the airport just in time...his plane was actually 1/2 hour early! He's still not feeling great, which worries me, but I think once we get a handle on the diet and meds, he'll be feeling much better.

I'm almost through Season 3 of "The Closer", finished "Wicked Appetite" by Janet Evanovich and ready to start something new. Must admit, I was a little bummed that no-one signed up for my PIF, but I'll try again some other time.

Don't forget the "31 Days of Halloween"...and thanks for visiting!


  1. I've heard The Closer was really good. I need to get it on DVD and watch. I hope your husband is feeling better soon and that you enjoyed your time.

  2. I hope your DH feels better soon; don't be too bummed about the PIF; people are probably a lot like me and trying not to over-book themselves as the year's winding down--the holiday season is almost upon us!

    I think your stitching is lovely and of course would love to own some and I bet everyone else does, too! It's no reflection on you. I say try posting for it again in a few days, perhaps with a picture of some sort? There have been a flurry of these this week and so it's easy to forget who is offering them. Also, some people may be having an "away from the computer" week as I was having but would be interested in signing up yet all the PiFs are already filled.

  3. I only saw today that you had commented on my blog several months ago, sorry I didn't acknowledge then!

    I've searched for the Evanovich books, they sound fun, but haven't found any here yet.

    I'll be back to visit you after my upcoming trip.

  4. Aw! That's sad. :( I like to stitch, or actually needlepoint, and those, who have received my framed needlepoint pictures...they have liked them.


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