Sunday, October 31, 2010

october 31 - october round-up

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe this month is over...mine has been pretty much a blur. My daughter came to visit from Boston on the 6th. We had a really wonderful visit, and she got lots of time to spend with my grandson, which she loved. Then she went home and the month just went downhill from there! I got a bad head cold and it has just hung on all month. I finally went to the doctor last week - my boss literally threw me out and told me to go home! - and I think it is finally starting to clear up now. I've taken the meds, used my Neti pot, done everything I'm supposed to.The doctor said I had very bad congestion and a sinus infection. I'm still a bit stuffy and so tired...I have literally spent most of the past three weekends sleeping! Hopefully November will bring healthier times!

It is actually a beautiful day today...crisp and clear, no rain. Temps are supposed to hit 70 mid-week. Usually Halloween is very rainy here, so this is a nice change.
I have not been stitching at all, but must get busy soon as I have several exchanges to get ready in the coming weeks. I have spent some time reading in between is safer to fall asleep with a book in hand then a me, I've done both! I've read some fun additions to some of my favorite series...they are listed in the sidebar on the left.

I've also been catching up on some blog reading...I am continually in awe of the wonderful projects all of you are completing. My wish list just keeps getting longer! Maybe I'll have some finishes to share soon too!

So, until next time...thanks for visiting!


  1. I used the netti pot last time I had a cold. I think it really helped a lot - first time I didn't get a sinus infection after a cold. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

  2. Happy Halloween ! I hope November is a better month for you with no sickness. I like reading when i feel bad too. Happy Reading or stitching!!!

  3. Hope that you had a nice Halloween and that you are starting to feel better. I think that nasty cold/cough is going around and hitting most people right now. We have stocked up with Mentholatum and Muscinex to keep the cough loose and out of the chest - something that we all get in this household.
    Happy November 1...take care!

  4. I'm really grateful that I started using a Neti pot in August or September just before my seasonal allergies set in.

    I so hope you're feeling more chipper soon!

  5. Awww, get better soon! It's not nice, when one can't breath! I know it from personal experience.


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