Monday, November 1, 2010

november 2 - an exchange, a ? & a giveaway

Looking out the window, I see people wearing's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. Is this really November?

Several posts back, I posted a photo of a square I stitched for an exchange with the Stitcher's Timeout group. The theme was pumpkins. I was lucky enough to receive this adorable sqyare that Shannon stitched..."Autumn Blackbird" by Waxing Moon Designs. I think it was a freebie too!

My there any way to automatically translate blogs into English? Sometimes I will see a "translate" button on individual sites, but I was wondering if blogger has some sort of setting that will do this all the time. Does anyone know?

November is my birthday month, and this year is one of those big "0" birthdays, so I thought I would have a few little giveaways throughout the month to celebrate. This first one is for anyone who is into card making. I used to have a co-worker who did some designing for the Cardmaker of the Month club, and she talked me into joining. But after a few shipments I realized I would probably never get around to making the cards, so I quit. Anyway, I have a couple of those kits to give away. There is card stock, and lots of embellishments, as well as instructions, included.
I know that many stitchers are also into making beautiful handmade cards, so if you are interested, please leave me a note on this post to let me know. I will leave this open until the weekend, and pick a name on Sunday.

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  1. please enter me in your giveaway. I wish it was that warm here in Englad lol its very cold here!!

  2. I would love to be entered! I just love papercrafts too...

  3. Please enter me into your drawing. I have done some card making in the past, maybe this will inspire me to get going again! :)

  4. I would love to enter in your drawing for the card making kits. I am just getting into the fun of cardmaking for Christmas, birthdays, etc.


  5. Autumn Blackbird is really cute! I'm going to check back on your comments to see if anyone answers your question about translations as I've often wondered that myself.

  6. So far I've only seen the button--but am SO glad for that! Absolutely would love to enter your Bday Big O draw--thanks!

  7. wow, please entered me, I have never tried card making

  8. Please enter me in the card give-away... I once, many, many years ago was given a Christmas gift of a stitchery calendar and each page was a card, included design, cardstock, envelope, thread and even on the cover, a couple of needles and a threader... I loved it - each month as the last day came, I would get so excited, for the next day I would be opening the envelope that was behind the next months cover page. I've looked and looked for something similar but with no luck...
    Thanks for celebrating November with all of us lucky people.

  9. Happy Birthday and what a lovely giveaway! I hit 60 this past June, so any "0" birthday is fun to celebrate.

  10. Thanks and thanks for the chance to win! I really want to be the lucky winner.

  11. LOve the little blackbird. Too cute. Please throw my name into the drawing.
    You asked about translation services. Have you ever tried babel fish?

    You could put it on your blog apge but also copy a page and have it translated or get the link of the page sight you want and have it translated into which ever language you want.


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