Thursday, September 1, 2011

september 1 - stitchy helpers

There was a distinct chill in the air this definitely feels like September!

We all need our stitchy helpers, and we all have our addictions, don't we? One of my addictions are the special embroidery scissors put out by Ginghers twice a year or so. I can remember a time not too long ago when I thought to myself...why would anyone need so many pairs of scissors...wouldn't that money be better spent on more patterns, for instance? Oh what a foolish thought that was! Once I gave in and bought my first pair (I think they were "Sarah"...because that's my daughter's name...isn't that a good reason????), I was hooked! I do use my scissors...and switch them out from time to time. But mostly I just crave them and love to look at my little collection. And no...I do not plan on stopping this addiction any time soon! So here is the beautiful Alicia...if you look closely you can see the peacock feathers in the design...along with the lovely fob that Sue made for me. I think it's perfect for these lovelies.

And I also had a wonderful surprise in yesterday's mail. There was a sale at The Gift of Stitching shop awhile back and I ordered these three adorable thread winders. I don't really use thread winders (at least I haven't up 'till now), but they were so cute I couldn't resist (do I sense a pattern here???). So here they are...and I am really pleased with them. It's kind of hard to tell in the photo, but the lighter green one has a mermaid design etched in, and the cross has many Celtic designs. I love them!

I had plans to do lots of stitching this week, but every night I have been more tired than the one before. This week seems to be dragging on...maybe because we are having a long weekend coming up and we are all anticipating it...I'm not sure. I did stitch Part 2 of Carol's SAL, but I decided not to post photos of it here until it is done. Carol is posting progress photos on her blog though, so please take a look at everyone's lovely stitching.

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  1. thread winders are really nice and as for the scissors-we have a common love. Alicia is in a lovely color combo

  2. i really love the cute scissor sweet..
    keep well xx

  3. I thought the same thing about scissors! Why would anyone need so many?? But now I understand why. They are just pretty and Gingher makes some really great scissors.


  4. I understand about the scissors, I have fallen under their spell too! Love the thread winders too!

  5. i never used to be bothered about scissors but now have a couple of pairs i have picked up (as well as a very lovely pink and white pair sent by a certain someone - thank you very much)and i really can see how they can become quite addictive..

  6. Ohhhhh !! love those scissors Lynda .... Val :)


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