Friday, September 9, 2011

september 9 - smiles and letters

For a short work week, this one has seemed to last forever! It doesn't help that I have been battling headaches all week I guess. Anyway, bring on the weekend!

Isn't this the cutest little design? Sharon posted this one her blog this weekend, and I stitched it right up. I love ladybugs and this one really made me smile...which is what she intended, I guess!

I stopped at my LNS yesterday on the way home to pick up the JCS ornament issue. There are some really nice designs this year, and many from designers I wasn't familiar with. It's fun for me to realize that I can recognize some of the designers now by just looking at the ornaments. My to-do list just got measurably longer!

And when I got home there was a letter waiting from my secret pen-pal. She sent the prettiest hand-made card...the flower is stitched and so delicate! Thank you so much...whoever you have not guessed yet!

I've signed up to do the Crazy 15 Challenge again this year, but I'm having second thoughts. I enjoyed starting so many new projects in January, and I was really sure that I'd be able to complete most of them, but I must admit that so far only a few have been finished, and some are really not even calling to me any more. I didn't choose small projects....well, maybe a couple, but most were medium sized, and I think that as my stitching time became more limited, even those just seemed too big. And then, of course, one must factor in the fact that I have startitis and zero will power when it comes to limiting myself...I see a design I love and start it, and just see myself stitching away...but much of that stitching is in my head! Every day on the drive to work I tell myself what I will accomplish that evening, and more evenings than I care to count, I accomplish zilch! But...I have finally stopped beating myself up about it and just do what I want, when I can and enjoy every stitch. It is my hobby, after all, not my job!

And since I am at my job, I suppose I should get back to it! Break time is over!

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  1. I've got that freebie to do too :) and I've got sooo many on my to do list not even narrowed it down yet hahahah ..... oooo and watch out for the postie hopefully getting your PIF in the post next week to you YEAHHHHH :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Cute ladybug!

    I refuse to feel guilty about my hobbies. And if I don't like it, I don't do it. Find something you enjoy, I have a feel you'll be stitching more if you do!

  3. Awww, my design looks fab all stitched up! Thanks, Lynda!

    I try to never feel pressured about stitching...this is supposed to be relaxing! Sometimes it can be a difficult thing to do, though.

  4. Great finish on Sharon's ladybird, and the stitched card is lovely

  5. I love your ladybug!! Oh no, I didn't realize the JCS Christmas Ornie mag was out, this will make my stitching "to do" list MUCH longer too.

  6. I would love it if you would join - I failed spectacularly this year so want to redress the balance! Definitely smaller is better, I put in Anniversaries of the Heart for crying out loud!
    Love the picture of Haystacks. I so enjoyed our few days there year before last.


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