Monday, May 21, 2012

TUSAL and hermitting

Another new moon and another hermitting weekend...and very little stitching done...again!

I did get some things kitted up this weekend, and while looking for threads, found some long lost projects that will soon see the light of day...I promise! But this weekend was spent playing and laughing and reading books with Asher, and needles and little boys do not mix well! I did do a l;little stitching on an exchange piece, but I can't show that yet, so the only pic I have is of my meager orts. Not much, but pretty colors just the same!

Off to work soon...but a long weekend to look forward to. 
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  1. One picture or lots of pictures, better to have stitched than not beeing able to stitch. And onevday hopefully you'll be able to show us some beautiful finished project. But I agree, your colors look very promising!

  2. One day at a time. I always hate when work and "real life" interfere with my personal life and fun plans. ;)

  3. I love to kit up. Maybe not as much as actual stitching but I love kitting up!

    Looking forward to seeing those long lost projects!

  4. Never mind - it works out that way sometimes. Kitting up surely counts as stitching!

  5. Hello

    Sorry you didn't get much stitching done but I bet it was lovely rediscovering old projects.

    Lovely TUSAL!

  6. TUSAL jar looks lovely with it's ribbons - and even it there wasn't many ORT's this time around they are still growing!!

    Fireflies & Cats in the Garden

  7. Kitting is always fun and you had the bonus of finding old projects. Makes a good IHSW.

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend, anyway.


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