Friday, April 11, 2008

Books...not stitching

I haven't been doing any stitching this week...I've just been too tired from work. I did start sorting through my extra stash of DMC and getting it put into boxes. Also, I've been reading..."The Winding Ways Quilt" by Jennifer Chiaverini is the latest installment of the Elm Creek Quilters series. I love this series. The characters are well written, and I love the history that is brought in through the reminiscences of Sylvia and the stories of her ancestors and their lives and how quilting always ran through it. I also read the latest of the "cofee shop" mysteries..."French Pressed". These are written by Cleo Coyle and it is a good series that I always look forward to. Now I am reading "The Cluttered Corpse", which is a mystery series featuring a professional organizer, and listening to the newest by Mary Higgins Clark..."Where Are You Now?" So far it's pretty good. As you can tell, I really love mysteries, especially those in series. But I also just recently read a non-fiction book called "A Year Without 'Made in China'" by Sara Bongiorni. I ttells the story of a family who decides to boycott all products made in China for one year and the pitfalls and successes they encounter. It was an interesting story and really makes you aware of just how many items are not made any place but China!

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  1. have you read the latest gemma hallida? Another good mystery series i can recommend


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