Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scissor fobs

I signed up for a scissor fob exchange with the Prairie Schooler yahoo group, and yesterday my fob arrived in the mail. It was stitched by Carolyn in Texas and is really cute, with butterflies on both sides. She also attached a pair of scissors. I plan on putting these in my "commuting bag"...I almost always take a project with me on the bus/train since I have a long commute every day to work. I can usually stitch in the mornings because there is more room. In the afternoons, sometimes.....but more often I read then. Anyway, here are pictures of the front and back of the fob Carolyn sent me.
I haven't heard if she received the fob I sent, but I'm sure she did since it has been a few weeks...and I doubt that she looks at this blog... so I will take a chance and post pictures too. If I don't do it now I'll probably forget to! She likes hummingbirds, so I stitched one of the Prairie Birds designs over one for the fob.


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