Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Furbabies & a search

It has occurred to me that I haven't posted any photos of our furbabies. The dogs had their annual check-up on Monday. Boonie - our Golden - does not do well at the vet's. According to my DH, he had a total meltdown and it took 3 people to calm him down (well...sort of calm!). But he recovered from the trauma quickly and all is well now.
The first photo is our Golden, Boonie. The second photo is of Eros...he is a Britanny Spaniel/Lab mix and is actually (or was actually) my daughter's dog, but she couldn't keep him in her apartment so he came to live with us . The kitties are the same situation. Both belonged to my older daughter, but when she moved to Boston she couldn't take them with her. The one on the left is Jack, the one on the right is Sabrina ('s a long story!)
My search is for a pattern that I saw on the back cover of British Cross Stitcher Issue 199. It is an Anchor pattern and just reminded me so much of our little ones. I'm hoping to find it someday because it's something I must stitch.

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  1. That cat pattern I dare to say almost exactly like your kittens.


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