Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I really hate that I always procrastinate, especially when I have something important to do. It's a real character flaw. Why do I always do this to myself?
My nephew is getting married next month. I decided a year ago to stitch them a wedding gift. I picked out the perfect design..."Seaside Sweethearts". They love the beach, even got engaged there...and the colors are perfect too.
I was determined to start on the first of the year. Well...that came and went, so I thought I'd start on his birthday in March...came and went again. Long story short, I finally started on Sunday...ACK!...what was I thinking? Now I will be stressing until I get it done.
I'm stitching over-one because I didn't want them to have a huge piece that they would have to find a place for.This will be very pretty when finished, but it is all done in very pale colors on antique white and I am seriously afraid that it may kill me in the end!
Here are 2 photos. The first is a scan of the pattern and the second is what I have done as of last night. Please send all the stitching fairies to help me!

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