Friday, November 21, 2008

november 21

I've changed the look of my blog once again! I like the flowers at the least for now!

It's starting to get colder here in the mornings especially. And very foggy. I can never seem to get warm during the day...then at night I can't be cool enough! Getting older is the pits!

I've been getting a bit of stitching done this week, but can't show pictures because the stitching is for exchanges. I've finished the ornament for the PS group exchange, as well as my fair & square squares for round 10, and another ornament for an exchnage at the San-Man board. I'm hoping to get everything in the mail this weekend.
Tonight is the weekly SAT at Let's Stitch. I'll be working on "Quaker Christmas" again. I'm determined to just keep at this until it is finished. I really want to have it to display for the holidays.

Anyway...back to work!

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