Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november 5, 2008

Election aftermath....I didn't realize how really stressed out I have been over this year's election...and this has been going on for several months. This Presidential election is probably the most important one I've ever voted in, and the results will color our world for a long time. In addition, the county in which I work had a measure on the ballot to form a library district in the county. Without the district, the county would begin to take away 20% of our funding each year for the next five years, leaving us with no county funding at all. Most cities (the one I work for included) would not be abe to backfill such a huge amount of money, and the end result would be that several libraries in the county would eventually have to close their doors, probably within the next 2-3 years at most.
Today I am a very happy person. The man I heard speak at a convention 4 years ago...the man who inspired me so much then and continues to inspire me...the man who I hoped then would run for President someday...did run and did win...and I am so grateful and hopeful that the next four years will bring good changes to our country.
And...our library district measure passed with a 61% majority, which means that we will not have to close our doors and in fact with the start of the next fiscal year in July we will be adding more hours and services for our patrons. And I am extremely grateful to everyone who realized the importance of libraries to our quality of life and to everyone who understands that especially in these hard economic times it is so important to have a place where we and our children can be enriched and nurtured...for free!
So even though I was exhausted all day because I stayed up so late last night, my stress level has gone way down...and tonight I will sleep soundly!


  1. I just hope we all can heal and get on with life...this has been a hard 24 months and frankly I'm exhausted by it all too. I didn't vote for the winner, I'll admit, but it wasn't because I don't think he was a good man, I just don't agree with some of his social politics. But we'll see....he may be the best thing that ever happened to America....we'll see :)
    Hope you had a wonderful nights sleep!

  2. We followed it here in Portugal with great interest (My hubby stayed up until 5 in the morning). It not only may chance your destinies, but all the world is influenced by this change.
    Finally I understood how your electing system works (totally different here).
    We all hope and pray for the best.

  3. Congrats on your library issue passing by the voters! Especially in this economic climate that is truely a victory.

    Glad your stress levels are coming down.

  4. I too am glad the election is over-though I am sad that people wish bad things on Obama. Though I did not vote for McCain-I do not wish him any ill will. Hoping your stress will decrease too.

  5. I am in the UK and most people here were rooting for Obama i am so pleased he won. I stayed up until 4am in the morning watching the elections.


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