Monday, April 13, 2009

april 13 - wonderful mail day

Another wonderful mail day for me! I received this beautiful Easter bookmark and these pretty ribbons from Angela, as well as a PIF from CJ...she sent a wonderful heart shaped basket, and a box that I think she made...inside there was a tiny stitched flatfold. It is of my favorite colors and types of design. It is also my very first flatfold.
Thanks so much Angela and CJ!


  1. Love those good mail days! You received some great stuff! love the little flat fold, it is gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful mail!!! Stitchy mail is the best kind (too bad it's not the only kind, lol!)

  3. Such wonderful treats!! Love the ribbon and flatfold! and I'll bet you'll fill that basket up quick!!

  4. Stitchy mail is the best. Love the flatfold, that's next on my 'try it' list. You sure got some lovely goodies.


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