Saturday, January 2, 2010

jan 1 - 2009 wrap-up & a new start

When checking through things, I realized that I actually got quite a bit accomplished in 2009...stitching-wise.

There were 2 round robin groups that I participated one groups we all did the same design...Quaker Friendship was such fun seeing how different everyone's looked depending on our color and fabric choices. I haven't received mine back yet, but I will post a picture when I do. The same group will be working on another Quaker design this year. The second group is one that I have stitched with for many robins...there are six of us in the group and we all choose our own designs and go from there. This year I asked everyone to stitch one of the Charles Dicken's mittens from Cross-Eyed Cricket. I am anxious to see those.

I also stitched 2 blocks for exchanges with the Stitcher's Timeout group; four exchanges with the Year-Long Prairie Schooler exchange group and six sets of squares with Fair & Square. There were three ornaments exchanged with the Christmas Ornament Exchange group; tow other ornament exchanges and three I stitched for myself. There was also a bookmark exchange, a floss-tag exchange, a Quaker exchange (I stitched a needlebook for this one) and a "stitcher's room" exchange where we stitched something for our partner to keep in their stitching are...I did a small Shepherd's Bush pillow for this one.

My largest finish for the year was the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler, but I also completed "Alla Turca" (Pelin Tezer), "Lo How A Rose" (Bright Needle), "Mildred's Garden" (Blackbird Designs), "Ladybug Ladybug" (LHN),"Daisy Sampler" (CCN) and Bent Creek's "I Do" (twice...for two separate wedding gifts),"Peacock Heart" and the little freebie sampler from Blackbird Designs.

On the reading front, I finished at least 43 books...either reading or listening. I've started keeping track on "goodreads" so I can have a more accurate list of what I'm reading in the new year.

I received my last ornament exchange for 2009 from Jennie. I don't know who the designer is but he is a really cute Santa and was a nice addition to my ornie tree.

I also heard that Carol received her ornie for the current round at the Christmas Ornament Exchange group. It is a Workbasket design from one of the JCS ornie issues.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve. We went out for Mexican food and came home and watched some tv. Thursdays are UFO night at Friendly Stitchers so I actually decided to pull one out and stitch. This is Midnight Stitching's "Quaker Winter Slumber". I think I started it in May but put it down for some reason. Anyway, here is what it looked like when I started

and here is how it looked when I fell asleep stitching a couple hours later.

We're such party animals in this house...we were in bed way before midnight!

And finally, at Stitchers Timeout, we have a Jan.1 project SAL. Last year, my project was Beatrix Potter and I managed to finish it before the end of the year (yeah!). This year I started "Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow" in between taking down our Christmas tree and decorations and watching the Oregon Ducks lose the Rose Bowl game. Here is my progress so far:

Sorry for being so wordy...if you made it this far...thanks!
And thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Lynda! Boy, you got a LOT accomplished this year! Between all the books and stitching - I'd say you should be very proud. Looking forward to watching your progress on Christmas in HRH. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Great work there Lynda - I 'm looking forward to seeing CHRH - I will be stitching that in 2011. On Jan 1st I started Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and I'm loving it so far!

  3. Hi Lynda -

    Wow, you were a busy stitcher in 2009. Have a great 2010!!


  4. Wow! You accomplished a ton this year! I'm impressed!

  5. What a great amount of accomplishments you got in this year. I'm impressed. I probably read the same amount of books, but didn't stitch nearly as much as you! I'm so envious.

    Can't wait to see more of CHRH piece. It's going to be a beauty.

  6. Wow Lynda, you were stitching a lot last year. Many exchnages and also a lot of big pieces for yourself or as gifts. Congratulations.
    Like you I was also taking out one of my WIPs, Three Things. I started it with the Buddies like you and still haven't finished it yet. But I will this year.
    I love your new start, I will buy the chart during my birthday-stash-shopping. Enjoy stitching on it.
    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.

  7. Wow, you really got alot accomplished in 2009! I hope I can do as good as you this coming year! I sent you an email.

  8. Wow, congratulations on all the accomplishments in 2009! I love your start on CaHRH. Here's to the same productivity in 2010. :) Love the ornaments! Happy new year.

  9. Hey Lynda! Congrats on all you accomplished in 2009! Both Quaker Winter's Slumber and CaHRH looks great. Are you using DMC on CaHRH? I've got it kitted but haven't started. Maybe after Market.


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