Tuesday, February 14, 2012

february 14 - on valentine's day........

...37 years ago, hubby and I had our first date
...7 hours ago, my daughter got engaged
...2 hours ago, my baby girl got flowers delivered from her boyfriend for the first time

lots of love shared over the years, and the promise of many more years of love to come...

here's hoping you all had a wonderful valentine's day filled with love & friendship

thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my blog...


  1. Congratulations all around! How sweet!

  2. awwww a lovely day all round then ... hope you all enjoyed the special day :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Hi

    A very special day for your family.

    Happy Valentine's day!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day all around!!

  5. It sounds like it was a great day at your house.

  6. Such a sweet post.

    hugs, Kaye xoxox


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