Sunday, January 25, 2009

jan 25

It's been a quiet Sunday...we woke up to snowflakes but they didn't stick. It's still cold though. I did some grocery shopping and laundry...I don't understand how 2 adults can accumulate so much dirty laundry in a week! But now there's food in the cupboard and an empty laundry basket so I can stitch for a bit. Hubby drove up to Mount Hood for night skiing so I'm alone with the doggies, some leftover pizza and my stitching basket.
I finished the stitching on two ornaments (I'll post a picture once they are finished) and my piece for the Prairie Schooler exchange. Can't show a picture of that one yet though. I'd like to work on one more ornie tonight and maybe finish up one set of fair & square squares.
I've been hit with some kind of infection for the past week which has been making me a bit miserable. I think it's basically the same old cold germs just moving around from body part to body part! Right now I'm drinking lots of cranberry juice!
I didn't get to stitch on "Three Things" this week, but here is a picture as it is now. I've been trying to stitch on Beatrix Potter on Sundays but haven't done any today yet, so no new photo there.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It seems weird not to have any football to watch. So I watched figure skating instead!


  1. Sounds like a nice cozy Sunday. Congrats on the finishes and hope you feel better!

  2. "Three Things" is just beautiful!!! It will truly be an heirloom when you finish it.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. We've had the same "cooties" around here, too. YUK!

  3. That is a beautiful sampler you are stitching! I hope you feel better soon. We have had the bug here at our house also.

  4. Your sampler is beautiful. Even though you were'nt feeling well you were able to make some progress. Hope you're feeling better today.

  5. Boy do I feel the same about the laundry! 2 of us and it never ends!!
    Your sampler is amazing! Can't wait to see your exchanges...I've got the same to do myself, Prairie Schooler and 2 Fair & Squares.
    Hope you get well soon:)

  6. I totally hear you on the laundry! I often ask myself the same thing! How do 2 people have so much dang laundry in ONE week?!?!?

    Your WIP is looking great!

  7. Sounds like you had the perfect day :) Love your's really gorgeous!

  8. Nice progress on your "Three things"!
    Oh boy, the laundry never ends here either. We are with 4 persons, so a lot of laundry to do. I prefer to do some stitching, but the laundry has to be done also:)

  9. Lynda, your Three Things sampler looks gorgeous, and you are not far from finishing it. Absolutely great!

    I hope you will feel better soon.

  10. absolutely STUNNING!

    You amaze me with your work!

    Louise in NC


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