Saturday, January 3, 2009

jan 3 ~ rotation ~

I've decided to try doing a rotation this year with my stitching. I've never really done this before so I'm not sure if it will work out or not but we'll give it a go anyway!
This is the plan:
Sunday: BAP
Monday: Blocks & Ornies
Tuesdays: SAL & WIP/UFO
Wednesdays: WIP/UFO
Thursdays: Ornies
Fridays: Let's Stitch SAT (pick a project)
Saturdays: Exchanges & Round Robins
I'm thinking if I finish all my commitments for the month (like have all the ornies done early) then I can start something new. It sort of sounds like a plan to me....

Last night I worked some more on "Three Things". This will be my Friday project until it is finished. The photo shows my progress so far.


  1. It already looks wonderful, Lynda. There is just only one quarter left. Mine is only half stitched, or even a little less.

  2. Wow!! This is gorgeous!!
    I have also decided to do a daily's the only way I think I can meet my goals, exchanges...and keep my sanity!
    Good luck to us both:)

  3. This piece is incredible! I love it! Good luck with your rotation...I just don't have the ability to stick to one, lol!

  4. Your rotation sounds great. Three Things is beautiful!

  5. What a gorgeous sampler! Three Things looks great!


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