Monday, March 21, 2011

march 21 - Pay it Forward

I completely forgot about this! When I finally got to check the computer this morning, I found that I was one of the three winners of Mouse's PIF. She will be stitching something for me within the next year! What a treat!

So the rules of the pass it forward are that I now have to make the same offer here on my blog...I will stitch something for someone and send it to them within the next year. (and then that person will pass it forward, and so on, and so on....)

So, if you would like something stitched and finished by me within the next year, please put a comment on this post.

I will check on Sunday, March 27 and pick a winner.

Two posts on one day! The sky must be falling!
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  1. Loved your last post..Asher is such a little doll. I'd love to have something stitched my you, Lynda (I do proudly display my needleroll, the 1st you ever made.
    So put my name in for sure.

  2. please put my name in, i just finsihed my last lot of PIF's so I'd love to enter another :)

  3. Please place my name in for this ... I would LOVE to have something of yours in my cabinet of friends pieces. Thank you for playing this PIF.


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