Friday, January 6, 2012

january 6 - first finish of 2012!

Well, I had my first stitching finish of the new year...another block for our block exchange at STO...the theme for March is cupcakes, so I stitched this little one from Myrtle Grace Motifs -
Sweet Sweet Life - I originally bought it to stitch up for my daughter, but never got around to that! I left out the words for this block though. I didn't have a chance to drag the iron out this morning, so please excuse the hoop marks!

Someone reminded me that yesterday was UFO day - or "wet noodle day" as we call it at Friendly Stitchers. Mouse does get after us if we don't keep up with our UFOs! Anyway, this piece really isn't a UFO but it was fast becoming one. I started it in October and wanted to get it stitched up really fast because I had borrowed the pattern. And then I fell and hurt my hand and I was sidelined for what seemed like forever. So this beauty went into the "later" pile. I still want to get it done quickly though, so I will be trying to work on it over the next few weeks and hopefully get it done and the pattern back to its owner. The design is Dandy Dreams from Silver Creek Samplers.

This is where I was before...

and this is where I am after last night.

I love the colors and the design, so I think this will be a fun one to finish.

So, Asher is coming tonight and staying until Sunday afternoon...I can't wait! Probably won't get much stitching done, but maybe he can help me organize all my threads. They seem to be everywhere! I hate to keep buying colors I already have plenty of, but the way things are now, it's just easier than trying to navigate through all the mess! I have lots of photo boxes that I have sorted with the threads I use most often...DMC, GAST, Weeks, Crescent Colours and Carries...and it would be a great system...if only I would put things back after I use them for a pattern. I must get more disciplined there....

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend to look forward to, with lots of stitching time!

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  1. Beautiful stitching for your block.. I love it..
    Lovely wip.. Keep it up dear,
    Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs xx

  2. Congrats on your first finish! It's too cute. Have a great weekend with Asher.

  3. Cupcake is too cute, and I have seen Dandy Dreams finished before and love it. Am tempted to start it myself.

  4. That is a darling finish, and a perfect one for your March block! I have seen Dandy Dreams before, and I think that might have to come home with me sometime soon.

    Good luck with getting organized - I would love to get further with that myself!

  5. ohh well done and wooo hooo a ufo update ... love that chart too :) enjoy your weekend with Asher and hope he helps with the organising :) love mouse xxxx

  6. love your first finish well done

  7. Such a sweet little cupcake as the first finish this year. Great. And your WIP is looking great.
    I've read about your goals in another post and want to wish you luck for them. The Crazy Challenge will certainly be fun again. I also joined but I start the projects like you - not one each day but I stitch on one for two or three days and then go on to the next. Suits me better.

  8. Your stitching is fantastic,Congrats on your first finish of the year, and may they continue, Gems.

  9. Dandy Dreams is looking wonderful. x

  10. Beautiful stitching. One stitch at a time, and you cross the finish line before you know it.


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