Monday, January 9, 2012

january 9 - WIPocalypse

Is it really the first full moon of the year already? I guess that means I should be reporting in...I am going to cheat just a bit and leave out the photos this time. That's only because they are in my two previous posts and that would be really repetitious, right?

Anyway, so far this month I have worked on 2 new starts LHN's and Myrtle Grace Designs Sweet Sweet Life, which I actually finished! I also picked up a project started back in October, Silver Creek Sampler's Dandy Dreams and got a bit more done on that.

Hopefully I will have lots more to show at the next full moon. How is everyone else doing?

I can't believe that I am at 300 followers! Wow....when did that happen? I'll have to route around in my stash and come up with some kind of giveaway soon.

Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to visit, and thanks for all your comments. They are greatly appreciated!


  1. 300 followers?? WOW! I just passed 200 and I too need to organize a giveaway.

  2. This WIPocalypse is a lot of fun. I enjoy watching your progress.

  3. Of course you have so many followers...your blog is quite nice!

  4. oooo well done on your progresses and new starts etc and well done on the followers too :) love mouse xxxx

    ps keeping up with the crazy starts sooo far ... and we have a new puppy ... !!!

  5. Hi, I am your newest follower, I love your blog. Please do me a favor and follow me back if you like my stuff!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  6. I'm number 303! I enjoy reading your blog. gg


Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments!