Monday, January 29, 2018

WIPocalypse Update

Hello, friends! Sorry to be a day late for this check-in. The weekend just flew by and before I realized it, it was gone!

I have been feeling kind of out of sorts for awhile, but I have been stitching, and I was able to make good progress on some of the pieces I chose for this year.
Two of these are carryover pieces from last year's Year of WIPs. This first one is from The Cricket Collection. It is called Dickens' Mittens - The Last Word (Book #288). This piece was started in January of 2011 in one of those Crazy January Challenges. It is stitched on a very pale greenish/gray 28 ct. jobelan with the called for DMC. 

The second piece that didn't get finished last year is a sampler from primitiveBettys. I love her samplers and this is one of my favorites. It is called Live Laugh Love and was also started in January 2011. It is stitched on a piece of 28 ct. opalescent jobelan from Silkweavers called Chocolate Vanilla Swirl, with the called for DMC. You can't really see it, but in real life, it looks very sparkly!

One of my plans for this year was to stitch Light of Peace, and I did make a very small start on it. It is stitched on 28 ct. antique white Monaco with the called for DMC.

Questions for this month: What other SALs are you participating in? Do you plan on joining the Olympics Challenge and what are your goals?

Full disclosure, I don't do very well keeping up with designer know, the ones with a new part every month or so. I start out ok with part one and print out the parts, but then I fall away. I do have a few of these from Tempting Tangles designs that I hope to finish someday because I do love the designs.

For this year, I hope to join in on some of the SALs from the different Facebook groups I belong to, like Stitch from Stash, Stitch Maynia, and Soulful Stitching. I am also doing a year-long Sampler SAL a mitten SAL, and a year-long Little House Needleworks/Country Cottage Needleworks SAL.

I do plan on joining the Olympic Challenge. I am opting for the Endurance Run...not because I am a one at a time stitcher, but I would really like to make some headway on Light of Peace. It is my first full coverage piece and I think if I dedicate myself to putting stitches in it every day during the Olympics I will see progress. Since this type of design is new for me, I am hoping to finish page one (there are 4 pages, the design is divided into quadrants)

So, until next time, please remember to be kind to yourself and others and to be grateful for every day.
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  1. Lovely pieces you shared! I look forward to seeing your progress on Light of Peace next month.

  2. Beautiful - simply beautiful "Live, Laugh, Love"....

  3. Beautiful progress and great new start. Good luck with your SALs.

  4. The two pieces you were stitching on are just gorgeous. Is the sampler by PrimitiveBettys finished?
    Your SALs sound all very interesting, good luck with them. And enjoy our stitching on Light of Peace.

  5. You are working on some very pretty designs. Good luck on all those plans.

  6. Hi Lynda just to let you know, if you still want to be, you are the next recipient of the Lizzie Kate Travelling Pattern. If you could email me at angela @ (remove the spaces when sending the email) with your address I'll send it on its way across the ocean.

  7. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

  8. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.



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