Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August stitching and September Goals

I did pretty well with my goals for August. The only piece I never took out was "Happy Home Sampler". I don't know why because I really like this piece. I did miss some stitching days because of being in the hospital with my daughter and the baby. And I wasn't feeling too well part of the month either...just a general lousy feeling, nothing specific. Anyway, I'm posting my goals for September here because my sidebar is getting kind of crowded (3 columns please blogger??????). I have lots planned, but I also have a week's vacation this month so I'm hoping to get some things accomplished!
  • monthly finishing challenge
  • JCS ornie SAL
  • STO monthly block exchange
  • F & S round 9 squares
  • "Three Things" - stitch another 1/4
  • "Quaker Christmas" - finish next 2 pages
  • La D Da SAL - "Zippity Do Da"
  • Sampler Girl SAL - "Mansfield Park"
  • Put some stitches in "Joyful Summer"
  • Put some stitches in "Celtic Autumn"
  • Put some stitches in "Happy Home Sampler"
  • San-Man HalloFall exchange


  1. There is a way to modify the standard blogger templates so you can have 3 columns. That is how I got three but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did!!

    It has to do with adding to the HTML.

    But before you do anything of that sort, I strongly suggest saving your blog as is so if you have to recreate, you have a copy of what it was...

  2. Yes, to add a third column is easy. Just google 3 colums for blogger and the 'destructions' come up.

    Your stitching goals sound impressive. I've got none for september and am very comfortable about that.

  3. This is a nice list, Lynda. Will be fun to stitch on all these projects.


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