Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thanks and an update

Thanks so much to Rachel and Felicity for steering me in the direction of other blogger templates. After playing around some I think I have this almost the way I want it!
My hubby has changed his work schedule and isn't home in the evenings I should have lots more stitching time, right? Well, not the last two nights. Life just keeps getting in the way. I did make a tiny start on La D Da's "Zippity Do Da", but not enough to post a picture yet. I was able to work on "Quaker Christmas" though, so here is an update on that one. Hopefully I'll get my act together and get some more stitching done in the evenings.


  1. Nice lay out, love the Quaker Xmas WIP.

  2. Fab new layout...I like it very much! Quaker Christmas is looking beautiful.

  3. I like your new layout, and your Quaker Christmas is looking fantastic!!


  4. That looks very nice, Lynda! Your blog looks great, too.

  5. Beautiful work on Quaker Christmas! Great stashing by the way too. Your grandson is just so cute!


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