Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful year ahead. Are you all starting a new project today?
Beth (Heartstring Samplery) issued a new design on Monday called "Stitchers Resolution" which I thought would be a perfect new year's start, and since Beth lives not too far away, the pattern arrived yesterday.
I'll try to post a photo. ..I'm doing this post from my phone so not sure if it will work!

I'll be working on a Round Robin today, but will make sure to get at least a few stitches in the new piece.
Now it's back to watching the Rose Bowl
(Go Ducks!!!), waiting for the girls,  and my stitching corner.
Thanks for taking the time to visit...hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. Yay Ducks!!!! Way to hold up the honor of the Pac!

    Love that new piece... I might just need that. lol

    And, since I too am a Little Prince fan..... "If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists." :)

  2. Happy new year! Cute project!

  3. Haha...I LOVE that design, it's great!

  4. Great sentiment! I've been talked into the 31 starts in January so I gave two new starts already!

  5. I'm so excited the Ducks are in the finals! I've really enjoyed this low-key week watching so many football games, especially with my boys home from college. Good times! :)

  6. Wonderful piece. Happy New Year!

  7. Such a pretty new piece, Lynda! Enjoy!! And Happy New Year!

  8. Dropped by to catch up and wish you a very Happy New Year. Love the new project and looking forward to seeing what you stitch up this coming year. Take care!

  9. You have quite a mountain of stitching ahead of you.


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