Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash Post

Month:  January
Spent:  $18.55
Earned:  $20.00

Last year, I spent very little money over the entire year. But this year, I couldn't resist two items in this first month! Money was spent on a few skeins of floss, a book with a bunch of La-D-Da designs, and a really cute prim Valentine design!

Being part of Debbie's Challenge this month has given me the opportunity to stitch lots from my stash. I had 14 new starts from stash, and also worked on one WIP (Morning Star) and one UFO (Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season). I also had three small finishes - two exchange pieces and one of the Cross-Eyed Cricket mitten patterns. I hope I figured the "earned" money correctly!
There are pictures of all my starts in the previous few posts if anyone wants to take a peek!


  1. At least you stuck to budget! :)

  2. Well done on staying in budget and earning a little more to spend

  3. Well done it's so hard not to spend.

  4. You stayed within the budget, that's great. Every now and then we just need a little new design. BUt stitching from stash has become a passion of mine, I just love to re-discover the old things.

  5. You're off to a great start for 2015!

  6. Fantastic! You stayed in budget and still bought what you needed!

  7. I am happy you stayed in your budget


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