Friday, January 14, 2011

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For some reason, this has seemed like a very long week. Maybe because it is the first full week I've worked since before Christmas!

So last night I heard that my zodiac sign has suddenly changed...what's that about? I've been an archer all my life and now I'm this new "Ophiuchus" thingie...what is it anyway?

This morning my director and I went on a little field trip to another library to see how they do things there...very interesting. They have a completely different work model where staff does much more "roaming" and much less time at actual desks. It's very customer oriented which we love, but I know that selling that idea to some (most) of our staff might be very difficult. This is all part of our process to find a site to build a new library, and discover what we really do want it to look and feel like. It's a time consuming process, but fun at the same time.

Last night I put the final stitches and the little button on Flying Monkeys from Glory Bee. I started this one last July and don't know why it took me so long to finish it. It's a quick stitch and a cute design. It is stitched on a melon colored evenweave with GAST and Weeks threads. I'm not sure how I will finish it yet, but I think I want to have it at work with that saying!

My start for Wednesday night was Ira Rae Crow, the companion piece to Ida Mae Crow from The Goode Huswife, which I started one other day during this crazy challenge. Same fabric and threads. I hope to finish these and hang them in our bedroom. Even my husband thought they were a cute pair!

This was my little bit of progress from that night.

Last night's start was Thirty Birds from Hands to Work. I first saw this on a blog and fell in love with the design. I don't really like the fiddly little birds all over though...they are stitched over one and that is difficult for me, and they don't look like much when they are being stitched...but once done I think they will look good. I am stitching this one on a white evenweave with DMC threads.

This is my progress from last night. My scanner wouldn't work for me this morning and the room was kind of dark so this doesn't look white, but it really is!

So only two more days to the challenge. I have more than 15 projects on my list, but I think I know which two I will be starting. Of course that might change! I think I will keep the list up anyway, just in case I happen to finish so many things that I am looking for more to do...yeah...right...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. We have a dinner to go to tomorrow night, and lots of football to watch all weekend. It's supposed to be really rainy, so hopefully many stitches will be stitched!

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  1. Oh Lynda, you have chosen such wonderful projects for the challenge. There's not a single one that I wouldn't like to stitch. And I have completely fallen in love with the Thirty Birds. It's the first time I've ever seen this design and it will go straight to my wish list, lol.
    I'm already very curious to see your last two choices.

  2. Congratulations on your finish, it came out really cute. I love your new starts. It will be fun to watch everyone update their 15 pieces as the year goes on.

  3. Oh that's way to funny to come upon in a scroll!...don't make me call my flying monkies...I'm thinking I have another one to add to the stash--great fun!

  4. Love your choices, Lynda; flying monkeys is in my stash as well as Ira Rae and Ida Mae. I got a good start going on Ida, but not the others. Take care of yourself...remember, you want to rest more and be well this year!


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