Sunday, January 2, 2011

january 2 - second start of the new year

Well, it is official. Now both my husband and I are battling this sinus infection/respiratory bug and it is no fun. The meds help me feel a little better as far as the congestion goes, but I feel groggy and a bit sick to my stomach at the same time. Icky.

We did some errands today and then I came home to watch football and start my second project.

This design is from Midnight Stitching. I am stitching it on a peachy colored fabric called Bittersweet Lite. The fabric was a gift and I am not sure who makes it but it a very soft jobelan and such a pleasure to stitch on. I am using Crescent Colours "Barn Door" for the thread.
The photo below shows my progress so far. The fabric color looks very pale in this scan. It is much more vibrant that that.

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  1. Cute design and you made a lot of progress on it.

    Sorry about the illnesses. Sure seems to be going around. Feel better soon.

  2. Congrats on getting your second project posted for this Crazy January SAL. I managed to get mine posted before bed.

    Hope you and hubby are feeling better today.


  3. I love them both, Lynda, but Ellen is going to have to find its way to my stash pile :)
    A great start and hope the crud leaves just wants to hang around these days and forgets to move on down the road.
    love ya'

  4. Lovely projects and good starts! I am sorry that you and your husband are not feeling well - not a fun way to begin the new year. Something that has helped my family out with the congestion is Musinex, for it really does cut down the congestion without any other side affects.
    Take care!

  5. Great start, I love Midnight Stitching designs.
    Hope you are feeling better. Sinus infections are no fun.

  6. Beautiful start. I love the thread on that fabric.

  7. That is looking so pretty Lynda! Great color choices! Excited you picked Prairie Girl for one of your rotations!

    Hope you both are feeling better!

  8. I am sad for you both being sick. :( I am glad you're able to stitch, though. One stitch at a time, and the last x is stitched before you notice.


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